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water footprint

The Water Footprint – From Concept to Results

The water footprint term is not exactly new but rather something pushed forward more and more in the battle to protect the environment. Saving water doesn’t only refer to the water we drink or the one we use for personal hygiene. Along the public system that provides us the water we need, there are other […]

refurbished products

Refurbished Products – The Green Alternative

According to a recent statistic, the problem with the e-waste is going to be extremely difficult to solve, if there isn’t an urgent action. Reusing is one of the ways to solve the problem with the e-waste. Refurbishing is the green way to avoid the mountains of e-waste in the developing countries. A refurbished item […]

solar energy

Is Ecology Working Towards Economical Growth?

With the recession almost gone, the large majority of corporations discovered that the ecology is responsible for many aspects of cost efficiency. In the last century there were three major economic transformations: the industrial revolution and the technological wave followed by the modern trend encouraging globalization and economic evolution. The recession seems to have been […]

organic farm

Green Living AKA Living on Budget

In case you are willing to experience a green lifestyle, perhaps you think that it is going to be too expensive. Actually this is not true. It is a cliché that healthy lifestyle is an expensive lifestyle. Many years ago probably this was true, but not nowadays, when the market is full of companies, which […]

educating child

How Can You Educate Your Child to Be “Green”?

Our children hear the eco talk all over their living environment. If you are one of those parents concerned about the world your child will live in, it is only up to you to do the right thing and educate him accordingly. No matter the age, the children are very receptive of the factors dominating […]

baikal lake

Lake Baikal – A Live Map for Climate Change

The climate change signs have announced themselves all over the world and it seems that the places with the most accurate radar are those that have a history in being cradles of the natural ecosystem. The media has shrugged before the unpleasant news that Lake Baikal and the complex ecosystem built around is showing impressive […]

e waste

E-Waste – Here’s How You Can Avoid It

Our life is full of electronic gadgets. We must admit it – we are desperately linked to our cells, video games, iPods, phones, etc. So far, this is just part of the technological progress we are facing and it isn’t a bad thing. The only bad news in having electronics is that they can be […]

baby shower ideas

Baby Shower Ideas for Green Loving New Moms

In case you are a mommy-to-be, here are a few tips how to organize your baby shower in a green way. The first thing you should do is to consider carefully the invitations. Forget about the paper invitations; go for electronic ones instead. You can send them by email, which is the greenest possible way. […]

elderly care

Green Tips for Elderly Care

When it comes to elderly care, the U.S. government is trying to develop better elderly care system that includes the basics of green living.  These are special care plans, which require good specialists, but the most important thing is that there are good examples already. One of the examples is the Holistic Community Living based […]

glacier melting

Glaciers and Their Odds to Survive Global Warming

It is common knowledge that Greenland is covered by an ice surface thick enough to raise the water level of the planet with 6.6 meters if it would ever melt. Still, even if the world keeps getting warmer and warmer the island’s ice remains as it was – frozen. Beginning with the year 2000 the […]