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Have an Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is about to come. All the magic will begin again with the three symbols of love – wine, chocolate and flowers. These are perhaps the most famous gifts, which one presents on Valentine’s Day. Of course it is only one day of celebrating the love, but it leaves tons of pollution for […]

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Remembering the Environmental Disasters of 2010

In spite of the large amount of talk we heard in 2010, all covering environmental issues, the large number of environmental disasters, mostly man made are here to remind us how little we care. If we would take a step back and analyze how we managed to allow so many terrible events to happen, we […]

green sex life

6 Tips to Have a Green Sex Life

1. Turn off the lights Media encourages the couples to make love with the light on but you might as well use the daylight to lose the inhibitions. Turn off the light when you go to bed at night. Yes, darkness will amplify the touch and the sensation and it will also add a bit […]


Teach Children About Biodiversity

Teaching your child on what exactly biodiversity is, may not be as easy as it looks. The term biodiversity includes lots of things in it. Therefore you will need to explain your children about the special link between animals, plants and people. The term biodiversity is a scientific term that unites all living forms on […]


Aromatherapy – The Green Touch of Wellness for the Kids

Aromatherapy is actually healthier than you have thought. Recently there are many experts that are suggesting aromatherapy for kids. It is an unusual experience, but it is working, especially for kids that are having different issues related to their self esteem. According to the aromatherapy specialists, the essences can make a good medicine for children […]

Green Tips for Computer Geeks

Green Tips for Computer Geeks

Computers are now a part of our daily lives and most of us spend almost the whole day staring at the computer screen. No doubt that the computer sucks in a lot of energy as it runs on electricity and yes a lot of paper when you are printing stuff all the time. When we […]