Green Living AKA Living on Budget


In case you are willing to experience a green lifestyle, perhaps you think that it is going to be too expensive.

Actually this is not true. It is a cliché that healthy lifestyle is an expensive lifestyle. Many years ago probably this was true, but not nowadays, when the market is full of companies, which are selling great organic foods and goods for less.

Here are few tips that will help you buy green even when on a budget. The first thing you should do is research about the local organic farms or markets. If you are consuming seasonal local foods, you can eat healthy on a budget.

organic farm

Connect with the farm’s owners and find more about how the food was grown. Join a Food Co-op, for this way you will get cheaper prices.

The Community Supported Agriculture program at a local farm is also a great option to get green food at half price.

The best way to consume organic foods on a budget is to grow your own. In case you don’t have a house with big yard, you can try the windowsill herb garden. This will save you some money, especially if you want some healthy flavors on your table.

The chain stores are also very good option, which is usually underestimated, when it comes to organic food.

For instance, some chain stores like Whole Foods, Trader’s Joe, and others offer cheaper organic foods than the private label organic brands.

windowsill herb garden

Warehouse stores are often labeled as not good for organic consumers, but this is actually a myth. There you can find lots of organic foods with green certificate. Of course the warehouse stores are not good for buying organic vegetables, but you can buy groceries from there without any doubt.

Don’t turn your back on small farms that use organic methods but can’t afford a green certificate. Research well about the farming methods and buy non-certified food that is organic essentially.

The internet stores are perfect option, which shouldn’t be forgotten. There you can find lots of green deals. For instance, the company of Beau Bain offers good organic cosmetics on their website.

The discounts are guaranteed, not to mention that you can get an organic body lotion under $20. Don’t forget that prioritizing should be part of your economic plan. If you can’t afford to buy everything organic, prioritize what is important for you.


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