E-Waste – Here’s How You Can Avoid It


Our life is full of electronic gadgets. We must admit it – we are desperately linked to our cells, video games, iPods, phones, etc. So far, this is just part of the technological progress we are facing and it isn’t a bad thing. The only bad news in having electronics is that they can be harmful for the environment, especially if they cannot be recycled.

According to the recent statistics, Europe and the U.S. are showing good results of recycling their electronic waste, but even so, the picture isn’t that pretty.

e waste

Actually there are many gadgets we are using daily, which cannot be reused, recycled or reduced. If you are wondering what happens to them after we throw them away, the answer is not going to please you, especially if you are trying to lead a green lifestyle.

The sad news is that the electronic waste is extremely pollutant and causes immense harm to the planet. Your old electronic waste can leak into the ground soil and provoke series of toxic reactions that can burst into uncontrolled fires.

The statistics about the e-waste shows that 80 percent of the recycled waste ends up in countries like India or China, where the waste is reassembled and radiated for resale, which exposes the workers to lethal poisonings and damages their nerve cells.

reusing mobileIn case you are concerned about it, there are a few things that can help you to avoid or minimize the electronic waste.

Don’t forget about the Environment Protection Agency that has simple guidelines, which is useful for reducing the e-waste.

Remember that all the cell phones, computers, music players, electronic organizers, digital cameras, etc. are made to last few years.

In case they are broken, don’t throw them away. Try to fix them or reuse them. Buying less electronics is surely the key to avoid the electronic waste. If you really need to buy an electronic, simply buy it green.

There are many companies that are producing green electronics, so don’t hesitate to choose green certificated electronics. Make sure the company is providing an adequate recycling program.

Donating is also a way for avoiding the waste. Instead of dropping it off, donate it. In case your computer still works, you can donate it to community centers, nonprofit organizations…etc.

Switch to a special recycling program, which will help you recycle the electronic waste better. Don’t forget that reusing is another good way to cut down the electronic waste.


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