Refurbished Products – The Green Alternative


According to a recent statistic, the problem with the e-waste is going to be extremely difficult to solve, if there isn’t an urgent action.

Reusing is one of the ways to solve the problem with the e-waste. Refurbishing is the green way to avoid the mountains of e-waste in the developing countries. A refurbished item isn’t only an item that was torn apart and rebuilt; but it is also an item that uses the e-waste in a green way to create another item.

Sooner or later the world is going to refurbish its e-waste, especially in countries like China, India and some African countries, because they have huge amounts of old computers and obsolete appliances.

refurbished products

Globally, e-scrap is increased at the rate of about 40 million tons per year. Hopefully there are countries that already have a strategy about it. For instance, China is changing its policy, when it comes to reusing. The country is happy to take the e-waste and to refurbish it into something else. This country is deriving precious metals from the e-waste and turns them into modern electronics.

Currently for the needs of computers and mobile phones production, 3 percent of the mined gold and silver in the world is used. Reusing and refurbishing can help in this direction. The only serious problem, when it comes to refurbishing is the extraction of these metals. It should be done efficiently and without health risks. China and India are showing green examples, when it comes to reusing, but they need to find a way to improve the methods of refurbishing the old electronics.

Some of the e-waste is processed in incinerators, which are usually wasteful, not to mention the pollution they spread. The recycling of the e-waste, as well as the process of refurbishing and reusing has many challenges, but the good news is that there are already regional centers for the treatment of the e-trash.

After its treatment, the e-trash goes back to the manufacturers, who try to reuse and refurbish it. In case you are heading to buy new electronic, always check the manufacturing details about it. If there is a sign that shows the item has been refurbished or reused, don’t hesitate to buy it. This doesn’t mean the product isn’t of good quality, it rather means that it was created in a green way.

Don’t forget that the waste of one person may be the working material for another. The challenge to deal with e-trash is an important step in the development of the green economy.


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