Green Tips for Elderly Care


When it comes to elderly care, the U.S. government is trying to develop better elderly care system that includes the basics of green living.  These are special care plans, which require good specialists, but the most important thing is that there are good examples already.

elderly careOne of the examples is the Holistic Community Living based in Colorado. The non-profit organization is teaching others to operate neighborhood-based assisted living homes.

The founder of the organization, David Lazaroff is very optimistic about these living homes. According to him, the Holistic Community Living is giving a chance for new life to the elderly people.

Creating such communities is a big chance for the elders, for they can continue to be part of their own community, without having to live isolated lives.

The Holistic Community residents are now elderly people that are involved in different green causes. This way the founder of the elder care community is trying to make elder people participate in different useful initiatives. Caring for the elderly people is also about making them feel that they are still active and useful to the society.

This is a good idea that is finding many followers and soon the project will grow bigger. There is another project for elderly people that become very popular recently.

The Green House Project is a project that allows groups of elderly people living together and caring for each other. The Green Houses are built with sustainable and green materials.

Each of the houses is built differently. The warm design and the special care are what attract the elders in this project. The Green House community offers special nursing care, medical care and support with daily living.

The houses are built with new technology that contains four common elements. The warmth is an important part of the Green House Project`s plan. It includes comforting décor and atmosphere, for this is very necessary in the elders’ care. The second element is the smart design.

The homes are created to be cost-effective and to use smart technology including electronic ceiling lifts and wireless pagers. The third element is the green element. In those houses one can find plants, garden areas and plenty of sunlight.

The organic foods are part of the daily menu in these houses, which is recommendable for elders. On the other hand, the project also supports the local farms and the environment by buying only from the local organic farms.


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