Baby Shower Ideas for Green Loving New Moms


In case you are a mommy-to-be, here are a few tips how to organize your baby shower in a green way. The first thing you should do is to consider carefully the invitations. Forget about the paper invitations; go for electronic ones instead. You can send them by email, which is the greenest possible way. If you insist on paper invitations, choose recycled paper.

baby shower ideas

Make sure your guests are informed about the green lifestyle you are leading. This way the gifts you are going to receive will be green too. Don’t forget to register for organic cotton Onesies and limited plastic stuff.

The glass or BPA-free bottles are good options for your baby. The cloth diapers are far better, so you can always switch to them.

As for the baby shower gifts, ask your guests to not wrap their gifts using paper. This will cut down the waste.

baby shower idea

The decoration for the baby shower can be green too. Use soy candles for the lighting and don’t use any paper or plastic decoration. Buy organic flowers and fruits; they will be beautiful enough as a decoration. The party favors should be green too. Try cloth napkins with personal initials.


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