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triple zero house

Triple Zero House – What Hides Behind the Concept

Nowadays building a house isn’t just the same. There are several requirements that you surely need to follow, in case you are a green lover. The eco concept of your future house is a must, if you want to live a sustainable and environmentally friendly life. There are many modern concepts about green homes and […]

ecological baby food

Ecological Baby Food – The Right Choice

Not everybody has heard about the special ecological food for babies. This type of food can be a new thing as a direct result of the non-ecological products domination of the market. The eco baby food is sustained by the ecological cultures where pesticides, insecticides fertilizers and other chemicals are not used. The meat, the […]

christmas tree

Christmas Decoration – Keep It Eco Friendly

Christmas is one of the most beautiful and spiritual celebrations, but for many green lovers this holiday isn’t exactly sustainable and eco friendly. Actually the decorations for Christmas are harmful for the environment and usually contain toxins. In case you are a green lover and want to spend the holiday in a green way, here […]

rattan furniture

Eco Furniture – How to Choose Sustainable Décor

In case you are leading a green life and you are wondering how to choose sustainable home décor, there are few things you should consider carefully. At first make a small research about the producers of sustainable furniture. There are many of them on the market, but you should choose very carefully and only buy […]

organic thanksgiving

Go Organic This Thanksgiving

Any feast can be organic; it all depends on you. In case you are a green lover, don’t hesitate to turn Thanksgiving into an organic feast. It is easy and possible. Actually there is an important plus in choosing an organic Thanksgiving since you are reducing the pesticides’ amount, for both farm workers and consumers. […]

organic life

Live A Greener, Organic Life

Lately we hear the “green” word on every step of our way since everybody seems to have enrolled in a quest for living a greener life. The “green” has become a trend loved as much as any other trend in fashion or style, and this can only mean good news for our planet. In order […]

green program

5 Top Green Programs By US Colleges

A greener life is better life; therefore many colleges have adopted green strategies for their students. Here are some of the best college campus programs for green practices in the U.S. 1. Michigan State University The Michigan State University has an extremely useful strategy, when it comes to green life style. There, a bike is […]

glass-fiber insulation

Types Of Green Insulations For Your Home

Winter is about to come, so there are several things you should think about. One of the most important things is the insulation. In case you don’t have any insulation, this should be a must on your list, because otherwise your home will not be warm enough. The professionals advise you to choose your home […]

cardboard christmas tree

Pick An Eco-friendly Christmas Tree This Christmas

Christmas is about to come and choosing the right Christmas tree is also an issue. In case you are a green lover, right there is the artificial Christmas tree. Nowadays there are wide selections in the market and you can choose the best tree for your perfect fest. Research before you buy Research well about […]

greener lifestyle

Greener Lifestyle – Longer Life

A greener lifestyle leads automatically to a longer life. Usually, the people concerned by the future of the planet are also concerned about their own lifestyle. There are several rules that a person should follow when looking for a greener life. They are simple but quite effective and they have as result a better living […]