Greener Lifestyle – Longer Life


A greener lifestyle leads automatically to a longer life. Usually, the people concerned by the future of the planet are also concerned about their own lifestyle. There are several rules that a person should follow when looking for a greener life. They are simple but quite effective and they have as result a better living for whoever follows them.

Walk to keep in shape

greener lifestyleAccording to several studies, the people walking 30 minutes every day live longer than the ones not fond of walking.

If you use the public transportation, get down from the bus a station early and walk the rest of the way home. If you go shopping using your car give up the habit. You will not only shop less and consume less but you will also save gas and reduce a part of your carbon footprint.

Stay away from fizzy drinks

The Boston scientists stated that a glass of Cola increases the chances for metabolic diseases. Drink plain filtered tap water and you will be healthier and make a difference for the planet.

Eat purple

Not the color per se but the food carrying that natural color. The grapes, the blueberries and the red wine contain substances that are very good for the heart. And according to Robert Krikorian from the Cincinnati University, what is good for coronary arteries is also good for the brain.

Did you have a normal weight during teenage years?

If you did then you are safe from severe diseases like diabetes and cancer. So make sure you monitor carefully the weight of your kids during that age.

Stay away from red meat

Eating it often is bad for the general health.

Drink green tea and black tea. Two cups of tea every day can help your heart be safe. Make sure you go for organic tea for it is the only viable option.

Do you love your friends? If you do you are lucky for they will support your decision to live green. Still be very careful what company you keep because it will condition every step you take.

Clean your house, yourself

If you pitch in the housework, you will have the exercise you need. Cleaning the house for one hour burns 285 calories and reduces the chances of stroke by 30%.

Work out your legs

With the years, the risk of a fall and broken hip increases. Make sure you exercise for better flexibility and resistance.

Smile and be optimistic

A cheerful disposition influences the body’s wellbeing and improves your lifestyle. Such a disposition influences people and makes the world better.


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