Triple Zero House – What Hides Behind the Concept


Nowadays building a house isn’t just the same. There are several requirements that you surely need to follow, in case you are a green lover. The eco concept of your future house is a must, if you want to live a sustainable and environmentally friendly life.

triple zero houseThere are many modern concepts about green homes and it isn’t only about the materials or the construction. It is also about finding a new technology that will help you live better and in harmony with the environment. Nowadays the example on this subject is one: the Triple Zero House.

This is a contemporary eco home, which was built with a revolutionary method. The creators of this home are the company of Wener Sobek that is already one of the most famous green designer studios in Europe. Their first goal was to create a home that should complete the standards of LEED and Pasivhaus.

In case you don’t know these standards, they are the official standards for efficient energy run. So the Triple Zero was created according to these standards. Another good thing about this home is the fact that Triple Zero is able to reduce the carbon footprint to zero, which is a huge progress for the eco building nowadays.

triple zero house-2The Triple Zero house is also created to be without any waste while building, as well as, using the house. The house doesn’t need energy, because it is able to create its own – thanks to the solar panels that are integrated on the roof of the house.

Of course the company builder has used different type of solar paneling. They upgraded the solar panels on the roof, but those panels are very special, because they can take the heat from the ground and this is actually the basic source of energy for a Triple Zero Home.

The house is made without any fireplace, because as we all know it is extremely polluting and harmful. In case you are wondering how they maintain with the greenhouse gas emissions, the answer is simple – the house doesn’t produce CO2.

The main material for the building is glass – clean, sustainable and non-polluting. The amazing fact about this home is that there isn’t any material that is harmful. All of them are recycled and recyclable.

Nowadays Triple Zero turns to be the greenest possible home with a smart eco concept.


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