Christmas Decoration – Keep It Eco Friendly


Christmas is one of the most beautiful and spiritual celebrations, but for many green lovers this holiday isn’t exactly sustainable and eco friendly.

Actually the decorations for Christmas are harmful for the environment and usually contain toxins. In case you are a green lover and want to spend the holiday in a green way, here are few tips on how to turn your Christmas into an eco friendly celebration.

christmas treeThe decorations are usually the most brilliant part of this fest, but you should consider different types of decorating.

For instance, do not buy plastic decoration, for some of them cannot be recycled. Some people consider reusing as the right decision for the decoration.

Don’t throw the old Christmas decoration – just reuse them and add some new accents.

Instead of buying a new artificial tree, just fix your old one and create some new Christmas toys.

Actually if you make them on your own, it will be a fun activity for all the family members. You can use some used home items and create a new decoration.

One of the most original ideas is to create Christmas decoration out of the plastic fish that comes with the soy sauce bottles. You can also reuse some old CDs and turn them into perfect Christmas trees’ ornaments.

christmas decoration

You can cut them and make little stars out of them. Use natural materials like cork, bamboo or pine cones, in order to create decorations.

In case you don’t have time in your hands and you prefer to buy your Christmas decorating ornaments, try to buy right. Do some research and look for green shops that are selling sustainable decorations.

Internet is full with online green shops, where you can purchase the right decoration for your home. Check out the Biome Lifestyle, for they have a great selection of green decorating pieces. Their stripped star is one of the most preferable Christmas ornaments, when it comes to sustainable decoration. The stripped star is made out of hand-carved tropical wood with a metal leaf.

The good news is that this ornament is made in Indonesia by poor village people and this way you are supporting their work.

The is another online store you can purchase some great pieces from. Their Christmas stockings are hand-woven by women in India. You can also knit your own socks and search only for Christmas patterns. Reusing your last year`s tinsel is also an option you should consider.


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