Types Of Green Insulations For Your Home


Winter is about to come, so there are several things you should think about. One of the most important things is the insulation.

In case you don’t have any insulation, this should be a must on your list, because otherwise your home will not be warm enough.

The professionals advise you to choose your home insulation carefully. If you are a green lover, there are several types of insulations, which you should consider as right.

Glass-fiber insulation

glass-fiber insulationThe first one is the glass-fiber insulation. This is an insulation, which is very proper for attics and it is totally green. The experts claim that if you use glass-fiber you will save 2,142 pounds of CO2 per year, which is quite an impressive figure.

On the other hand, the glass-fiber insulations are cheap and it will save you some money. It is easy to install and noncombustible.

Sand insulation

Recently another sort of insulation is very popular. The sand insulation is also affordable and it is one of the greenest ways to insulate your home. The sand is renewable and abundant, as well as it is easy to maintain. There are several companies that offer sand insulations with special technology. They insert recycled bottles into the sand, which is another green way to provide proper insulation at home.

Denim insulation

In case you are not very big fan of sand insulation, you can research more about the denim insulation.

Nowadays the old jeans can be used with a very good purpose – to create a solid home insulation. It may sound a bit odd for you, but some manufacturers are collecting old pieces of denim and making them into insulation. It is proven that denim is way greener than the glass-fiber, for it doesn’t contain any hazardous substances.

Wool insulations

Wool insulations are also famous. In fact many people prefer to have wool insulation, because it is affordable, solid and green, not to mention it is fire and water resistant.

Other insulations

Usually all the materials that are flame resistant make good insulation.  Another natural insulation is the cork insulation. It is used since centuries; and it is lightweight and durable.

In general, there are lots of natural materials that can make good insulation. For instance, you can insulate the water pipes with newspapers and duck tape, for it will prevent freezing.

Newspaper is also a good green way to insulate some parts of your home. You can try cellulose, spray foam and bubble wrap, for they are also green insulating materials.


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