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Reduce Your Winter Heating Bills

Everyone is concerned, when it comes to winter heating. It is not just about cutting the bills; it is also about keeping the environment clean. Here are few tips how to do it, in order to achieve better results. At first, check well your thermostat. Keep it a bit lower and wear warmer clothes at […]

green living

Green Up Your Internet And Mobile Communications!

It seems like the world is putting a lot more focus on being “green” – finding responsible ways to preserve and even enhance the environment. There now exist many different ways Americans can “go green” including recycling, conserving energy and smarter automobiles; add to the list environmentally-friendly cell phone use. It doesn’t take a lot […]

herbal medicine

Organic Medicine – Good Or Bad?

In 21st century organic is an often used word, even when it comes to medicine. Organic medicine is a new branch, when it comes to modern medicine, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful branch. Actually many people don’t make a difference between organic medicine and herbal medicine, but there is a slight difference […]

solar power

A Temperature Efficient Home For Winter

The winter is knocking on the door and this is of the highest concern for many people who still wonder about the right home heating. In case you want to choose more energy efficient ways for heating in the winter, here are some tips. Start with your furnace. Replace the old furnace with a new […]

green assisted living

The Many Advantages Of Green Assisted Living!

There are many elders who find it difficult to live alone but don’t really need to be in a hospital and green assisted living gives them a great alternative. Green assisted living not only helps take care of the needs of the elderly but also provides them with a better living environment that has been […]

organic cotton

Organic Cotton And Why It Is Worth It?

In 21st century, the need of organic cotton surely isn’t just a whim. It is actually a necessity that is changing the world into a greener and better place. The producers of organic cotton in the U.S. are now facing real boom of this item, because the word organic is already a tendency. When it […]

green brands1

Eco Conscious Brands: A Choice Of Many!

Green living has finally caught up with a majority of people all around the world and one of the steps every country’s population is taking towards eco-living is choosing brands or companies which produce their products the green way. The companies not only should boast of creating green products but also should bring about a […]

coffee trees

Organic Coffee – What Hides Behind The Legend?

Did you know that coffee is perhaps the most polluted thing we ingest every day? Maybe the petroleum based fertilizer they use to increase productivity is not the worst possible chemical but caffeine increases its effect and we are unaware of it and take it in without any idea about the damage. Did you know […]


Demolition Waste: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!

With the economical crisis, the trend of renovation and the creation of passive homes decreased in all the main social structures. Still out of the great need of consuming less energy many private home owners took the logical step in creating passive homes with a low carbon foot print. We all know how much debris […]

foot leaves on the planet 1

How Big Is The Print Our Foot Leaves On The Planet?

The many environmental laws that would more or less fix the amazing number of issues this planet of ours suffers because of us will for sure not fix our state of mind. We love to talk about green living, consuming less, recycling and sustainable building but we sure lose the track on how we as […]