5 Top Green Programs By US Colleges


A greener life is better life; therefore many colleges have adopted green strategies for their students. Here are some of the best college campus programs for green practices in the U.S.

green program

1. Michigan State University

The Michigan State University has an extremely useful strategy, when it comes to green life style. There, a bike is the only way for transportation, especially on the territory of the college, which runs for 5,200 acres.

You can also use your car, but the parking is hard to find and it is extremely expensive. Instead of the car, you can take a bicycle from the school’s bicycle park, which is an impressively large one. This strategy is also praised as the greenest in the country.

2. Stanford University

The only competition that Michigan University has is the Stanford University in Palo Alto. There the students get financial bonus, if they are not driving around the campus. The university is familiar with the program of UC Irvine, which is famous as the Sustainable Transportation program and it is about encouraging the usage of the public transportation.

The financial bonus is nearly $300 and it is given annually to students who prefer to use the college bus or their own bicycles.

3. Washington University

Another interesting and good strategy is the strategy of Washington University in St. Louis. In 2009 the university banned the bottled water on the territory of the campus. The vending machines were also banned. Three months after the ban of the bottled water, the university has banned the soda and all kind of drinks that come in plastic bottles.

4. Parson The New School for Design

The college life is also about fashion and probably that’s why some universities start to invest in sustainable clothing. The example came from Parson the New School for Design. The school is adding a special course for zero-waste fashion. The class will be focusing on creating sustainable fashion – mostly creating dresses without any waste.

5. University of Texas

The University of Texas in Austin has also found an interesting way to promote green college life. They have 4 years of sustainable education and at the end of the school they receive a special green grad. The school practices are also about energy-efficiency and carbon free living as part of the education.

This year the university has surprised the world as its students worn a green graduation gowns made out of recycled bottles. These bottles were collected only for 1 day as the students saved 200,000 bottles from the landfills of the city.


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