Eco Furniture РHow to Choose Sustainable D̩cor


In case you are leading a green life and you are wondering how to choose sustainable home décor, there are few things you should consider carefully.

At first make a small research about the producers of sustainable furniture. There are many of them on the market, but you should choose very carefully and only buy furniture that is labeled as 100 percent sustainable.

rattan furnitureRecently bamboo has turned to be a very modern material for home décor, not to mention it is also very rational; so you should consider choosing bamboo furniture as a good option for creating green home décor.

The bamboo has many advantages and one of them is that the furniture can be used longer than others that are made of simple wood. Cork is also an option, but alas it is not very solid for furniture, so you can use it for some home accessories.

There are shops, including online ones, which offer cork accessories that surely grab the attention with their beauty; so don’t hesitate to choose cork.

Rattan is the second best material, when it comes to sustainable furniture. Actually one of the most beautiful furniture in French style is made out of rattan, mixed with Dedon  fibers. The fibers make the construction of the furniture a lot more solid and thanks to them, the furniture has a longer life.

Usually rattan is very convenient for eco furniture, for it allows creating of ergonomic shapes and design. When it comes to sustainable homer décor, it also comes to shapes and appearance. Choose only furniture with ergonomic design for is lasts longer. Another thing you should consider is recycling.

Don’t buy furniture that cannot be recycled because otherwise you will harm the environment.

recycled furniture

Also for a greener perspective you can simply choose recycled furniture. The items are very artistic and super sustainable for they are made out of reused items. Reusing is also a tendency, when it comes to sustainable décor. Actually it is one of the most preferable ways to keep the environment clean.

recyclable furniture

There is one designer that is specializing into creating new furniture from the old and used home items: Andrew Gregg.  His compositions are already famous, for being modern and yet very comfortable.

His latest furniture is a dishwasher drum table made out of reused dishwasher drum. The spiral shape is another reason to admire his collections.

Instead of throwing your old furniture, you can create new one simply by reusing things around the house. This actually is the best way to create sustainable home décor.


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