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Green Gardens On Very Limited Water Resource

Any gardener knows that drought is extremely dangerous for the plants, but growing plants on areas with limited water sources isn’t impossible. Here are few tricks how to grow successfully your plants, even if there is a drought. Find more about which plants can handle the drought and which aren’t able to make it without […]

Be Different By Giving Organic Gifts

Be Different By Giving Organic Gifts

Organic gifts are very good way of giving back to others in kindness, and promoting the importance of our natural environment. It is common practice, especially today, that people give each other gift for all sorts of reasons either through acts of kindness, charity, and good will. These acts of kindness can be seen at […]

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Greywater And What Does It Mean For Green Living

In 21 century, recycling and reusing is the most common goal for anyone that wants to live green. Greywater system is a new invention that is perfect for this goal. It is a system that is reusing the water from showers, washing machines, sinks etc. The good news is that the greywater system is able […]

Gulf Oil Spill

The 7 Most Truth Telling Visuals of the Gulf Oil Spill

Gulf Oil Spill – Awe-inspiring Video and Photo collections of the disaster, certainly not for sensitive souls

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Energy Saving Windows – Green Choice For Anyone

Remodeling a house to fit the concept of sustainable living ultimately involves reducing the amount of energy used to warm or cool it. The modern concept encourages the use of energy saving windows and underlines the importance of these in creating the concept of passive housing. We hear about smart windows, energy saving windows but […]

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Glass Film – A Step Forward To An Energy Smart House

Whether you own your home, are renting it, live in an apartment or even if you live in a mobile home, surely you have thought about the cost of keeping your place cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Are you aware that your windows directly contribute to how much you spend on […]

Expose Your Child To Green Living With Organic Baby Clothing

Expose Your Child To Green Living With Organic Baby Clothing

The world is raging about organic products, from the food we eat down to the clothes we wear. In this world we’re living in, we simply can’t afford getting sick with all the pollution and environmental problems we’re facing lately. It is no longer surprising that most people had turned to green living and have […]

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How Green Are The Green Gadgets?

In a world of green technologies and innovation, there is something we need to consider, before taking major steps, especially when it comes to green life style. Many of you probably ask the same question: do we really know how green are the green technologies? Surprisingly, despite the new inventions, some of the so called […]

Kinds And Advantages Of Using Organic Beddings

Kinds And Advantages Of Using Organic Beddings

Whenever we hear the word organic, it’s all about natural products. Agriculture has played a big part in the making of organic products. Think about organic food, organic make up, organic skin care and other stuff that people use every day. Each day, the world is slowly turning almost every product on a chemical base, […]

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Is The Kids Formula Really Safe From Chemicals?

In 21 century, living green is the only possible way to change our life style, but when it comes to our babies, are we really sure we feed them with toxin-free milk and food? The baby formula especially in the milk isn’t as clear as we taught. Some mommies cannot breastfeed their children; therefore they […]