Greywater And What Does It Mean For Green Living


In 21 century, recycling and reusing is the most common goal for anyone that wants to live green. Greywater system is a new invention that is perfect for this goal. It is a system that is reusing the water from showers, washing machines, sinks etc.

grey water 1

The good news is that the greywater system is able to save you from water waste as it is made to use twice the water we are usually wasting. This means the system is made to recycle the water and prepare it for second usage.

The invention works with special carbon filters. They are upgraded to remove the chlorine before reaching the toilet. After its usage, the water is cleaned with the so called “chlorinator”. This is a guarantee that any bacteria will be removed.

grey water 2

The system is made on the principle of the vent machines, as the overflow and the pumps are handling the water. The pumps are simple and their role is to carry the water from the tank up to the toilet tanks.

The system is also equipped with an interesting flow sensor. If you don’t use any water in 22 hours, the flow sensor doesn’t allow any water flow.


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