How Green Are The Green Gadgets?


In a world of green technologies and innovation, there is something we need to consider, before taking major steps, especially when it comes to green life style. Many of you probably ask the same question: do we really know how green are the green technologies?

green gadgets

Surprisingly, despite the new inventions, some of the so called greenest gadgets aren’t exactly green. The problem with the green devices is one – there is no standard definition of “green”. Therefore, the interpretation and the speculations are many.

At first place, the myth about the plasma TV is going to be revealed very soon. First of all, plasma’s screens are so called “energy suckers” and whatever you are doing, those aren’t green gadgets.

According to the experts, the plasma television is using the same energy as the old boxy models TVs from 60s. This is incredibly much-400 watts goes for a typical 50-inch display. Therefore, try to avoid buying plasma TVs, despite they are labeled as green.

ereaderPerhaps many of you have heard about the Energy Star rating. This is an official certificate for sustainable and green gadgets.

In case you don’t find the Energy Star symbol on your gadget, simply don’t use it.

Usually most of the TVs, microwaves or DVD players are now said to be green, but this is not exactly the truth.

Even on a standby mode, they actually consume some energy. This is the so called “phantom energy” and it is actually wastage of energy.

Any gadget that is with standby mode is not so green. According to the statistic, we pay nearly 200 $ per year only for the powered energy that is consumed by the devices on standby mode.

remoteThere is another category of devices that is also disturbing- the “green-washed “gadgets. For instance, these are solar-powered chargers, USB drives and etc.

At first look, those are the greenest option for your needs, but if you look behind it you might find out, that they are not so green, simply because their manufacturing process is using non-renewable sources of energy.

Moreover, sometimes it is better to choose ordinary gadget than a green labeled one, so in this cases, the sources of their producing are extremely important.

The electronic equipment is also a problem. Nowadays producing energy efficient PCs, laptops, mobile phones and etc is a must, but it actually hides some risks.

According to the official statistic, the process of producing these “green” items will waste an enormous amount of energy during the next 25 years, which will lead to a serious impact over the environment.


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