Energy Saving Windows – Green Choice For Anyone


energy saving windows 1Remodeling a house to fit the concept of sustainable living ultimately involves reducing the amount of energy used to warm or cool it.

The modern concept encourages the use of energy saving replacement windows and underlines the importance of these in creating the concept of passive housing.

We hear about smart windows, energy saving windows but we do not know the most important fact: that they are fit and recommended for any type of environment whether, the weather there is cold or warm.

It is true that the materials energy saving windows are made of, is also important. Aluminum is the less efficient and the less expensive, fiberglass is a bit better and lighter and also an affordable option, wood is more expensive and mainly recommended for historic rehabilitation while vinyl is the most affordable option comparing to its value as an energy saver.

The type of glass is also important and it should be chosen in report to the climate type you live in and you should know that there is a special type of glass for the perfect window insulation of your house.

energy saving windows 2What does energy saving windows mean? The large majority of people, when hearing the concept, conclude that the windows of the house need to be replaced which is not entirely true.

It is true that there is different approach on how to create energy smart windows depending on the climate in the area you live in but following a few simple rules you can actually recover the windows of your house which can be considered a sustainable move.

In cold climates, losing energy and warmth through the windows is something extremely natural. Still keeping the south windows clean so the sun could enter, weatherizing the windows and prevent drafting by installing insulating window shades are smart steps towards a green goal of passive housing. Another great way to conserve energy is by cleaning your air ducts at least once a year. This will prevent your heating/cooling system from being over worked. Most homeowners choose Rotobrush International to clean their ducts.

You can prevent the heat going out during nighttime by keeping the curtains closed. The storm windows on the outside or inside are also a smart addition that will help preventing the cold infiltration through the window area.

The warm climate residents can also use the energy saving windows to prevent the house from overheating. Here is a matter of skill and ability to keep the heat out.

That’s why it is important to consider closing windows curtains on the south and west windows of the house, and apply sun control films that will reflect back the sunlight and heat allowing the house to stay cool for a longer time.


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