Glass Film – A Step Forward To An Energy Smart House


glass windowsWhether you own your home, are renting it, live in an apartment or even if you live in a mobile home, surely you have thought about the cost of keeping your place cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Are you aware that your windows directly contribute to how much you spend on heating and cooling?

Think about it. In the winter, the warm air seeps out through the cracks in and around your windowsills while the thin panes of glass do not do much to keep the cold out. In the summer, when the sun shines through the windows, the place can heat up quite quickly.

Other problems with glass windows can include the fabric on your furniture fading from the sunlight, a glare from the sun on your TV or even just being too bright in your eyes, UV rays from the sun transported through the glass and into your home and last but not least, if a window breaks, you could be severely cut by the glass.

Since we have identified some of the most common problems, what can we do to alleviate all of these issues? Will it be expensive and difficult?

The answer to these questions is a simple one. All of these questions can be answered and solved with the use of glass film. By coating your windows with glass film, you are trapping the air that is inside the house inside.

Therefore your air conditioner will be used only for cooling the inside. It will turn on less because the air in the house will stay at a more constant temperature. The same thing will apply with the heater in the winter.

This will effectively influence a few things. First, by keeping the air at a constant temperature, your heater and AC will not have to work so hard, so not only will you be saving money there, you will also be saving the wear and tear on your equipment which will save you money on maintenance and upgrades in the future.

Also, you will be generating fewer emissions and as a result you will reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Glare will be cut down, UV rays blocked, furniture will be protected and if for some reason the glass in a window breaks, it will be safer because the glass will stick to the film.

When you analyze all the above the glass film can be considered quite a brilliant idea.


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