Green Gardens On Very Limited Water Resource


Any gardener knows that drought is extremely dangerous for the plants, but growing plants on areas with limited water sources isn’t impossible.

Here are few tricks how to grow successfully your plants, even if there is a drought. Find more about which plants can handle the drought and which aren’t able to make it without often watering.

green garden 1

The native plants go well with the draught, as well as those with deep taproots, because they find their own way to reach the moisture in the soil.

The gray leafed plants also grow well in the draught, for they trap the moisture. The succulent plants shouldn’t be any problem, because they carry their own moisture recourse.

First and most important is to preserve the water, especially in the hot summer weather. Collecting rainwater is a method that is often used by gardeners that grow plants on places with dry climate and hot weather.

green garden 2

It is an easy issue, especially if you install special tanks on the roof as many gardeners do.

It can be done through a rainwater calculator, so you will calculate the size of the water tank. In case you don’t like this idea, simply buy water butts so to collect the rainwater.


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