Is The Kids Formula Really Safe From Chemicals?


In 21 century, living green is the only possible way to change our life style, but when it comes to our babies, are we really sure we feed them with toxin-free milk and food? The baby formula especially in the milk isn’t as clear as we taught.

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Some mommies cannot breastfeed their children; therefore they buy specialized milk offered by the best brands that try to prepare their milk with ingredients closer to the human milk. Recently the research shows that in the formula there are some ingredients you might not like.

Last year the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found out that nearly 15 companies that produce powdered infant formula are using thyroid-affecting chemicals.

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The bad news is that those chemicals are used also for preparing explosives, fireworks and rocket fuel. The so called perchlorate is an oxidizer and it is often used for building even rocket motors.

The artificial milk formula needs to be absolutely clean and include ingredients like omega 3-fatty acid DHA and iron, which are the ingredients that are included in the human milk.

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The experts are advising to consider very well your options, before choosing baby formula. The best and the cleanest way is proven since centuries – breastfeeding but in case it is not possible, looking for the safest formula is the only viable option.


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