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Warm your House, Not the Planet

With fuel bills persistently on the rise, energy companies facing criticism for their prices and some households struggling to pay the bills, now is time to review the options for heating your home. Traditionally, gas central heating has been viewed as preferable to electric storage heating, principally for reasons of economy. But it’s worth considering […]


How to Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

It may seem strange to discuss how to make an inherently natural space more environmentally friendly, but the truth is that many gardens are ecological disasters due to the use of chemical pesticides and the waste of water. If you’re interested in taking a more sustainable approach to gardening, there are plenty of ways to […]

companion planting

Top 10 Tips for Ecofriendly Gardening

You might think that having a garden in or outside your house is a very eco-friendly thing to do and is something that brings you a step closer to environment improvement. But to actually make a garden eco-friendly, there are several things that one needs to keep in mind.  The following are the top 10 […]

Carry your own reusable bottles

5 Ways to Go Green While Travelling

In this age where dependence on natural resources has led to depletion of most of them, it is advisable for all of us to go green and opt for green ways to live. Going green means leaving the environment unharmed with the activities that we do or the way we live.  Even when we travel, […]

Ways to Solar Power Your House

8 Ways to Solar Power Your House

In the modern day where we see our environment depleting every day and natural resources getting consumed up with every passing minute, we all must do everything that we can to preserve the nature and save the environment. One of the easy things we can do is solar power our house. Rather than using electricity […]

recycle Old Clothes

7 Ways to Recycle your Old Clothes

Every few months, a lot of old and useless clothes gather up in a pile in our closets, taking up the much needed space.  If you don’t have anyone to give away your clothes to or do not wish to convert them into kitchen cleaning cloths, you can always recycle them.  There are many ways […]

Buy organic foods

5 Ways to Have Smaller Ecological Footprint

Are you one of those people who would want to see their environment clean, fresh and healthy? Well, then you must make all efforts you can to avoid depletion of the environment and protect it from the harm that humans are causing to it. One way to do so is by reducing our ecological footprint […]


Why Are Bees So Important To Our Ecosystem?

Bees are those insects which feed on flowers and have hairy bodies with four arms.  Bees cannot survive without the nectar of flowers and this very fact makes them very important to the ecosystem. Confused? Well yes, bees are extremely essential and important to the ecosystem because without bees, pollination of flowers would not be […]

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Top 7 Gadgets to Keep Your Company Green

For most of the organizations and business companies, going green is just a concept and not a reality.  But looking at the condition of our depleting natural resources and the environment, it is time we all step up and start making the green theory a reality. There are several ways in which a company can […]

Organic sandwich with turkey

5 Healthy and Yummy Organic Breakfast Recipes

Are you someone who likes all things organic and natural? Or are you someone who loves to save the environment with his little efforts and thus opts for mostly organic foods? Well, then you must be ready with some healthy and tasty organic recipes to help you get through the day. The following are some […]