5 Ways to Have Smaller Ecological Footprint

Buy organic foods

Are you one of those people who would want to see their environment clean, fresh and healthy? Well, then you must make all efforts you can to avoid depletion of the environment and protect it from the harm that humans are causing to it. One way to do so is by reducing our ecological footprint or harmful impact on the environment.  The following are some of the best ways to have smaller ecological footprint:

Buy organic foods

Save energy

The best way to reduce harmful effect on the environment is by saving as much energy as you possibly can.  To do this, make sure you turn of extra lights when you are not using them at home, school or work, use natural light when possible instead of electric lights, use solar energy and lower your thermostat when possible.

Buy organic foods

Whenever you go out for shopping for the food next time, make sure you buy more of organic products which are locally grown and not transported from somewhere far off.  This will help reduce the transportation gas which is used to transport the produce from far off distances and will thus help in contributing towards reduction of ecological footprint.

Go green while shopping

Another way to reduce your ecological footprint is by going green while shopping. For this, bring your own tote or paper bags rather than using plastic bags that are harmful for the environment.  Moreover, try to buy more of recycled products whenever it is possible and do errands by walking or using public transportation rather than taking out your own car.

Go green while gardening

Most of us do not consider the harms done to the environment due to our gardening practices.You must always mow the grass on your own rather than using push mower and use water judiciously while watering plants.  Moreover, you must also use your garden for growing your own food as much as possible.

Reuse, reduce, recycle and refuse

One of the best ways to reduce ecological footprint is by following the 4R rule. Always recycle and reuse plastic bottles, paper, cardboards, glass and newspapers.  You can also check with the local recycling society to see what all products can be recycled. Also, try and reuse your old clothes by turning them into something else rather than wasting them.  Try and subscribe to online eBooks and magazines to paper and hence discourage cutting of trees.



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