7 Ways to Recycle your Old Clothes

recycle Old Clothes

Every few months, a lot of old and useless clothes gather up in a pile in our closets, taking up the much needed space.  If you don’t have anyone to give away your clothes to or do not wish to convert them into kitchen cleaning cloths, you can always recycle them.  There are many ways in which you can recycle your old clothes and the following are a few of them.

recycle Old Clothes

  • The first way to recycle and reuse your old clothes is by dyeing the fabric and converting it into something brand new.  If you think that the color of your top has gone out of fashion, then you can always dye it into a new and in-trend color and use it again.  There are vegetable dyes available if you are looking for an organic approach to recycling.
  • Make new clothes out of the old ones for an interesting way of recycling your clothes.  If you are interested in getting something chic and fun, you can combine 2-3 different patterns or fabrics and convert it into one top or stole.  You can also make a miniskirt out of your existing long skirt or convert a full sleeved top into a sleeveless one.
  • Using your old clothes, you can also produce wonderful looking fashion accessories like headbands, bracelets, ties, slippers, belts or even necklaces. This is another really interesting way of recycling your clothes.
  • Using winter wear like sweaters and fur coats, you can design your own socks, gloves or mittens.  This too is a fun and useful way of recycling your old clothes which you no longer wish to use in their original form.
  • Make table mats and patches-interesting looking and fun fabrics and patterns can be converted into table mats or patches.  You can also make a patch and add it to the existing jeans. You can also add an extra pocket inside your coat using an old fabric.
  • Another interesting way to recycle old clothes is to make doll clothes or dolls out of them.  You can make your little kids happy by doing so or just converting the fabrics into bean bag chair for your kids.
  • Design a special cover for your book using your old and unwanted clothes.  Convert the cloth into a scrapbook cover or a photo frame if you wish to keep the cloth or preserve it.

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