8 Ways to Solar Power Your House

Ways to Solar Power Your House

In the modern day where we see our environment depleting every day and natural resources getting consumed up with every passing minute, we all must do everything that we can to preserve the nature and save the environment. One of the easy things we can do is solar power our house. Rather than using electricity for heating water or heating the house, we can use the heat of the sun. The following are the 8 most effective ways to solar power your house.

Ways to Solar Power Your House

  • The first thing that you can do to solar power your house is to insulate it in the best possible way. Insulating the house will ensure that maximum heat gets trapped inside. To do this, you can add brown-in cellulose to the attics of the house, renovate insulated walls which do not give proper results and replace the leaking windows.
  • For maximum solar heat to hit the house, your house must be facing the south side. In case this is not possible, you can remove windows that are facing northwards.
  • Another way to solar power your house is to add large south facing windows which are made using insulated glass.  Try to reduce the passage of heat from the outside as well as the inside. Another way to ensure maximum heat getting trapped is to use windows with vacuum trapped between the glass panes.
  • In order to make the most of the heat of the sun rather than relying on electric heating sources, you can try to get a solar panel installed on the top of your roof.  The panel should be installed on the south facing side so that they capture the maximum solar heat.
  • You can also install a pump that circulates the water from the panels via the pipes in the floor to the panels.
  • To solar power your house, you can also try to insulate the pipes using tubular foam insulation.  This will keep the heat from escaping till it reaches the slabs.
  • You can also plant deciduous trees around the house so that they provide shade from the heat in the summer months.  And in winters, these trees will allow the sunlight to enter the house when the leaves fall off.
  • You can install a slab made of concrete in your basement with the pipes which carry water through the solar panels to the pipes.

Photo credit By: sepco-solarlighting.com



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