Top 7 Gadgets to Keep Your Company Green

Canon PIXMA office printer

For most of the organizations and business companies, going green is just a concept and not a reality.  But looking at the condition of our depleting natural resources and the environment, it is time we all step up and start making the green theory a reality. There are several ways in which a company can be made into a green company and one of these ways is to switch to green gadgets. The following is a list of the top 7 gadgets to keep your company green:

Canon PIXMA office printer

Nest learning thermostat

This is the first gadget that can help you go green.  This thermostat helps to save on heating and cooling bills and does this through the motion sensor which it has inbuilt.  It controls the temperature by analyzing the number of people present in an office.

View sonic VG2439m 24 inch LED

This is an economical model of an LED which uses less of wattage and gives a productive performance.  This is possible through the energy saving LED technology which helps to turn any space including an office space into a green space.

Canon PIXMA office printer

This printer has an auto –off mode which helps you to save power and hence makes your company a green company.  This is definitely a handy and economical printer which every office space must have in order to convert the office into a green office.

Logitech wireless solar keyboard for Mac

This is a wireless solar keyboard which shows you the power and usage level on your desktop and helps you to save power.  Moreover, there is no requirement of any battery in this keyboard and this is a fact that makes it even more eco-friendly.

BITS Limited smart strips

This is a smart power strip which helps you manage energy and shuts down power through a smart system and hence is very economically viable as well. It helps in the case when you forget to shut off power of the office or off certain gadgets like printers, desktops and shredder.

Nokia Lumia 900

This phone has a unique power saving mode which makes it very eco-friendly and is also free of harmful brominated compounds.

Toyota Prius

If your company needs a vehicle to transport clients or employees, then buying a Toyota Prius will be a green choice. This vehicle uses electric power and is a great addition to the green list of things and equipments.

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