Why Are Bees So Important To Our Ecosystem?


Bees are those insects which feed on flowers and have hairy bodies with four arms.  Bees cannot survive without the nectar of flowers and this very fact makes them very important to the ecosystem. Confused? Well yes, bees are extremely essential and important to the ecosystem because without bees, pollination of flowers would not be possible and hence food production would not take place. Let’s read further to know about the importance of bees to our ecosystem.



The first and most important part of importance of bees to the ecosystem is pollination. Pollination is a process through which bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers. This pollen is used by them as a protein and the nectar is taken into use for energy.  When bees travel from one flower to another, they transfer the pollen which happens to stick to them. This very action fertilizes plants and makes them a food source for many organisms

Honey production

Another importance of bees to the ecosystem is that they produce honey.  They need the nectar from the flowers which is a source of vitamins, minerals and fats to them.  They collect the nectar in their sack and then use it to make honey in their hives. This honey is then made to go through cleaning processes and is used all over the world for a number of applications.

Bees are our food source survival

Another main importance and use of bees to the ecosystem is that they are a food source to us.  Humans depend on bees to fertilize the plants and make them a food source.  Without bees, we would have reduced food sources. Infact there are several fruits and vegetables which depend on the process of pollination to be fertilized and some of them include apples, watermelons, pears, strawberries, corn, cucumbers, almonds and tomatoes.


Honeybees are also responsible for providing us with beeswax which is then used for a number of applications and processes.  The beeswax is obtained from the glandular secretions of honeybees and this wax is used in cosmetics, polishes, candles, pharmaceuticals and several other materials which are used by artists or by many other professionals as well.

Moreover, beeswax is also said to have medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant properties.  This wax helps us to neutralize the toxic substance that is present in our stomach.

Photo Credit By: glorybee.com


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