5 Ways to Go Green While Travelling

Carry your own reusable bottles

In this age where dependence on natural resources has led to depletion of most of them, it is advisable for all of us to go green and opt for green ways to live. Going green means leaving the environment unharmed with the activities that we do or the way we live.  Even when we travel, we must make sure that we do all that we can to prevent the environment from any harm or depletion. The following are the 5 ways to go green while travelling.

Carry your own reusable bottles

Find a green hotel

The best way to go green while travelling is to look for a green hotel. These days, most motels and hotels are making efforts to go green by installing solar heaters, solar power systems and other eco-friendly equipments. Search for a hotel that offers maximum of these services and you can do this by logging online to look for environment friendly hotels.

Park the rental car

While travelling, make sure you park your rented car at the hotel and use as much of public transportation as possible.  Hire bicycles, use metros, trains or buses to go from one destination to another.  This helps in saving petrol or gas.

Visit only responsible restaurants and cafes

To make sure that your trip is going green enough, you must only visit green restaurants or those cafes that are responsible towards the environment in general. Go to those restaurants which use organic products to the maximum extent.

Carry your own reusable bottles

Another interesting and effective way to go green while travelling is to carry your own reusable bottles on the trip.  This may seem like a small task or step but is a great way to save the environment. When you keep purchasing and disposing water bottles, you are adding carbon footprint to the environment and thereby polluting it a lot more.  Moreover, this is a good way to save money as well.

Be green at the hotel

To make your trip a little more environmentally responsible, you must make sure you take enough steps within the hotel as well. Firstly, reduce water quantity that you use, reuse towels if possible, avoid wasting electricity, take used soap bars at home for use, avoid taking a shower and rather use a bucket for bath and make sure that you view your bill through an electronic medium rather than in the paper format.

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