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Are Digital Textbooks The Future Of School Learning?

E-reading and e-books are slowly conquering the world. The same options started to look interesting by the end of last year for the schools and universities especially because the information flow seems a lot easier to manage and comes in a significantly higher quantity. What makes the digital books so interesting? Let’s remember that e-books […]

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Green Bags From Grocery Shopping To Fashion Accessory

Green grocery bags are no longer just a whim, they are necessary and desirable for many that are seeking a greener way, even when they go shopping. Therefore, the green shopping bags are now a must. There are many companies and big retailers that are producing green bags for their customers, but not many of […]

global warming

Burma – The Disaster Happens Because Of Climate Change

Burma could cease to exist if the environmental changes keep happening at this speed. No, this is not an exaggerated comment. It is the truth because not only is this country prone to the disasters that are being induced by climate change, but it is also not in a position to overcome any calamity that […]

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Cork Floors And Why They Are So Green

In 21 century flooring is also a matter of green life style. Therefore, many that are creating eco and green floors are choosing cork as the greenest substance, which can be used as a perfect floor. In case you want to find out more about the cork, here are few surprising facts about this “forgotten” […]

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Halloween And The Way To Make It Green

Halloween is one of the cutest and funnier holidays and US is almost ready to celebrate it. If you are a lover of the “green” way of living keep in mind that you can have a green Halloween too. As “trick or treat” items go keep in mind to use reusable bags. Why to do […]

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Create An Oasis Of Joy For A Green Purpose

With increasing awareness, more and more people are looking for greener options and choosing them too. Another very innovative and productive green idea that brings together the community is the Community Garden. This project could not only bring together the members of the community but also provide them with fresh and home grown veggies for […]

gullwing twin wind towers

Wind Power Maximised By Amazing Skyscrapers

When we talk about wind towers, we imagine turbines on top of them. And when we talk of skyscrapers, we talk of tall, dark structures that look almost impossible to reach. Now, imagine skyscrapers which are wind towers and that, without turbines. That is what the Gullwing Twin Wind Towers are – amazing wind energy-tapping […]


The Greener Gadgets – Better Or Just Gadgets?

In 21st century, living green is just a must. Most of the products on the market are related to the green life style, but when it comes to gadgets, there are still some doubts. According to the experts, no matter how green is the particular gadget, if it’s electronic; it surely has its impact on […]

solar planes

Top 10 Solar Powered Planes

Here are top 10 solar planes powered by solar energy.

red meat

How To Eat A More Climate Friendly Food?

Most people talk about global warming and the effect it is having on the planet but not many do their little bit to contribute towards a better climate. Small things like minor changes in the food habits can help towards reducing carbon emission, the main cause of global warming. You can easily help reduce carbon […]