Wind Power Maximised By Amazing Skyscrapers


When we talk about wind towers, we imagine turbines on top of them. And when we talk of skyscrapers, we talk of tall, dark structures that look almost impossible to reach.

Now, imagine skyscrapers which are wind towers and that, without turbines. That is what the Gullwing Twin Wind Towers are – amazing wind energy-tapping towers, an example of the confluence of technology, utility, beauty and innovation.

gullwing twin wind towersThe Gullwing Twin Wind Towers have been built in Dubai by ARXX Studio.

The towers tap wind energy and convert them into electricity, enough for all the activities of the building.

At first sight, the towers may look a little weird, almost ugly as there are spikes all over the building, and circular wings which are meant to capture the wind energy.

These cylindrical structures, which have the circular rings, are structures which generate electricity from the tapped wind.

These structures are not straight; they are curved almost looking like a turned rod. However, this has been done intentionally so as to create a tornado effect which in turn would help in capturing wind more efficiently.

However, setting up similar towers is indeed wise but the design will fit only those areas with increased wind activity. So, you can always choose to go for smaller models which work just as well and also adopt other means to use wind energy.

There are many types of wind towers which essentially differ from each other in view of the materials used, heights and the procedure which is used for the construction.

For instance, there are the tubular monopole, guyed pipe, free-standing lattice and guyed lattice. You can select the wind tower according to the output you wish to have. The tubular monopole is the most expensive of the lot while the guyed pipe is the least costly.

The designing of the tower should be done in such a way that it increases its ability to capture the wind energy efficiently and convert it into useful energy. Also, the wind towers are susceptible to all kinds of weather so they should have the capability to withstand all pressures of heavy winds while not losing their efficiency in short periods of time, especially since these towers become crucial for the running of a wind energy plant.

Many homes are also setting up towers to capture and convert wind energy. The use of renewable energy resources is the answer to many worrying questions.


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