The Greener Gadgets – Better Or Just Gadgets?


In 21st century, living green is just a must. Most of the products on the market are related to the green life style, but when it comes to gadgets, there are still some doubts.

According to the experts, no matter how green is the particular gadget, if it’s electronic; it surely has its impact on the environment. Many professionals are advising you to avoid buying gadgets, if not necessary, simply because no matter what are you using, it is still harmful for the nature.

For instance, cell phones, alarm clocks, digital cameras and Play Station games are the common gadgets that can be found almost in each home. Their usage seem not so bad, especially if some of these gadgets are labeled as green, but if you use all of them, there is surely pollution undercover.

According to the recent statistic, even the green lovers can’t go without their favorite gadgets, but buying new ones isn’t exactly the right step to keep the environment.


New studies have researched that the average American keeps 20 to 40 gadgets on stand-by. This is sucking up energy, not to mention that there are gadgets that consume energy even when they are turned off. Televisions, home PCs, electrical toothbrushes, radios, phones, DVDs and others are called “energy suckers”, simply because those are the gadgets we leave on stand-by.

Therefore, as a step to greener future, try to buy only those gadgets that are essential part of your life. Another issue related to the green gadgets is the absence of a universal standard, when it comes to green electronics and gadgets. Most of the companies that are producing them label their products as green, but actually this isn’t the entire truth.

There is no entirely green gadget, no matter what the producers claim. We are often fooled by the biggest brands, because their names are somehow a guarantee that the product is green, but actually there are several official marks to recognize how green is the product you want to purchase.

The Energy Star mark is the official governmental license for green electronics, so you should buy products only with this sign.

Inform yourself for the official U.S. recycling programs. They are source of information, especially when it comes to electronics. Try to reuse your gadgets, because sadly – the electronics cannot be completely recycled.


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