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green roofing 1

Is Sustainable Roofing The Way To Make Your Roof Green?

Green roofing is already a matter of modern green thinking. Therefore, there are several issues you need to consider, when purchasing a green roof for your house. These are the weight, the maintenance, the irrigation and plant choices. The typical weight of an extensive roof is 18 to 22 pounds per square foot. The extensive […]

solar planter

Solar Planter – A Wonder Using Water From The Air To Grow Plants

Solar planter is an innovative invention by the renowned designer Kevin Cheng, which anyone who has installed at home can be proud of. While most of us know that solar energy can be used in many ways, for instance in heaters, electric panels, cookers and even vehicles, we hardly spend the time, effort or money […]

flood resistant homes 1

Fighting The Flood With Floatable Green Living Spaces

The floods in Pakistan have caused dramatic consequences. Thousands of people suffered the disaster as their houses were flooded and destroyed. Therefore, many architects and designers are now trying to help the citizens with unusual ideas for green building that is going to be resistant even in case of an eventual flood. The Architecture for […]

nature synchronized living spaces 1

Nature Synchronized Living Spaces For A Greener Life

Living sustainable and green isn’t just a personal issue; it is also about architecture, buildings and founding an entirely new model of green living spaces. There are many projects that amaze with their green ideas. The good news is that most of biggest cities are releasing green projects for sustainable buildings, green architecture plans etc. […]

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LCD Or Plasma – Which Is Greener?

The choice between LCD and plasma isn’t a typical choice. At least, not in 21 century, when the competition, which is greener is part of our lives. Most of the people are wondering which is greener, the LCD or the plasma. Here are few facts to consider, which may help you, in case you really […]

zero energy house

Zero Energy House Becomes A Trend

Turning to renewable sources of energy have become the need of the hour. Now, imagine that you have a house which is so eco-friendly that for the many coming centuries it can fulfil all your basic needs for which you will not have to depend on non renewable resources. This kind of house will surely […]

environmental extremism 1

Environmental Extremism And Why Do They Think It’s Good

In the 21st century, the green topic has turned to an extremely important one and leading green life style is now a need, not just a wish. Still, there are things that go beyond borders, when it comes to green life and one of those things is the so called environmental extremist groups. The organization […]

organic tea 1

Organic Tea And The Way It Helps Our Life To Be Greener

There is no issue why we consume so much tea. It is a ritual, part of our life for thousands of years and it will be so even after millions of years from now. Tea has always been source of health, but recently the organic teas are among the most desirable products, especially when it […]

sandwich bag 2

Traditional Vs. Green Reusable Sandwich Bag

Sandwich is a popular choice of food items among a vast number of people. The convenience of packing and carrying it to different places without any problem makes the food item my own favorite choice. Sandwiches are the most popular lunch item and the way they are packed is also a popular presence in the […]