Green Bags From Grocery Shopping To Fashion Accessory


Green grocery bags are no longer just a whim, they are necessary and desirable for many that are seeking a greener way, even when they go shopping. Therefore, the green shopping bags are now a must.

There are many companies and big retailers that are producing green bags for their customers, but not many of them are exactly made out with the right ingredients. Of course, there is no standard for the green bags, but from what we know; a green bag can be labeled as green only if it is made out of sustainable ingredients.

green bags 1

The second requirement for a green bag is to be recyclable or at least reusable. The plastic shopping bags are already in the past as they are harmful and actually cause pollution to the environment.

On the other hand, the paper bags are not exactly the solution for the problem, because they are made out of trees and their recycling process is also polluting and it takes a long time.

According to a recent research, the best green bags are those made out of tapioca or bamboo. There is a company that is offering such bags. The Earth pack is producing grocery bags since 1989 and it can be called one of the biggest producers of the green bags in the U.S. The company has been into green bags more than 20 years.

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Their latest bag is a real dream for the green lovers. The latest model is made out of tapioca, which is a super renewable source. Typically the tapioca is colorless, which means there are no chemicals involved.

Some producers are using chemicals to color their bags, but this isn’t very recommendable, because there are many toxins, involved in the process of coloring. Earth pack rejects the usage of chemicals; therefore their green bag is simply colorless.

Another advantage of their bag is the fact, it biodegrades in 10 weeks, which compared to others is a real miracle-some biodegrades for 1000 years. The Earth pack’s bag is totally reusable.

green bags 3

Recently even the trendy handbags are labeled as green. Many designers are using only organic materials for their handbags. Yet, the best option for those, who would like to have a green handbag, is one- searching online for companies that are working only with environmental-friendly materials.

When choosing your handbag, choose the material. Those from bamboo or organic cotton are praised as the best. Avoid too colored handbags, because they contain some toxins that are harmful and cause pollution to the nature.


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