Create An Oasis Of Joy For A Green Purpose


With increasing awareness, more and more people are looking for greener options and choosing them too. Another very innovative and productive green idea that brings together the community is the Community Garden.

This project could not only bring together the members of the community but also provide them with fresh and home grown veggies for their kitchens. Community Gardens are better known as Food Banks in the US of A.

It may not be an easy project to start on but once in full swing will pay rich dividends to the entire community. To start with a few like minded people need to get together and look around for land where they can start the community garden.

community gardens 1

In many cases the local government authorities may help by leasing or renting out the land if available in the town.

Plenty of logistics and planning are required in the initial period to get the community garden started. You may have to start by first cleaning the land obtained and make it suitable for starting the garden.

The land will need to be leveled and made suitable for cultivation of vegetables and other crops of choice.

The community can decide on individual plots in the allotted space or even for common cultivation. The land will have to be prepared accordingly. The garden may also need some kind of fencing in order to keep it safe from vandalism.

community gardens 2

A lot of planning in terms of choosing crops, obtaining seeds, planting them, irrigation facility and tending the plants will be needed. It is a real team effort.

The community garden can choose from plenty of green options like heirloom seeds, natural fertilizers or even a completely organic garden. The irrigation too can be planned to save water and also to make optimum use of the available water.

Plenty of information on how to create a community garden can be obtained from various government and non government organizations, which will be happy to support you in your endeavor.

Community Garden is a green way of life. It will help increase the bonding between community members which will benefit the whole community in terms of emotional satisfaction and security.

It will give the members a reason to get to know each other and also help each other inside and outside the garden. It will prove to be a path to a greener way of life.


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