Burma – The Disaster Happens Because Of Climate Change


Burma could cease to exist if the environmental changes keep happening at this speed. No, this is not an exaggerated comment.

It is the truth because not only is this country prone to the disasters that are being induced by climate change, but it is also not in a position to overcome any calamity that may come calling.

global warmingSo when we talk about the threats posed by global warming, climate change, melting of glaciers and the like, it’s time we focus on countries which would not be able to tide over the effects of these due to the sheer lack of resources. This is exactly what has been brought to light in a report by the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB).

DVB is operated from Norway and Burmese journalists contribute the news. The DVB brings out its issue from Norway, away from the gagged press of Burma. There is nothing called free press in the country and this is why the agency has gained popularity and importance. The DVB has an Oscar-nominated work to its credit – Burma VJ, a documentary on the 2007 violent protests in the country. With these works, DVB has earned a place for itself in the responsible world.

The current report in question on climate change and its impacts on Burma is based on another report by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

The report says that the rising sea levels and increased flooding due to global climate changes will induce more flooding in the delta, low-lying region of the country. It quotes the 2008 Cyclone Nargis to say that a coastal country like Burma will suffer the most due to these climate fluctuations.

For Burma, these conditions can be more destructive, the report says, as the economy is dependent on agricultural returns. The revenue generated from the rice exports keeps the country going and the floods could destroy just that.

Cyclone Nargis wiped out 30 per cent of the area suitable for rice cultivation in the country. The surface in question rises to 1.75 million hectares and the farmers, both poor and illiterate, hardly did anything to raise temperatures in the world.

In central Burma, we see the other face of the coin. There has been a continuous drought, threatening to render the land uninhabitable and useless like a dry desert. This desertification is as much as worrying as the furious floods.

Ravaged by a torturing military junta the country fights both the social problems and the ones raised by the nature’s war with human kind.


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