First Organic Battery – The Applauses Are for NEC


Did you ever think that it is possible to have batteries made of organic substances? Well, it is. Just think about how much better it would be if your smartphone was a lot thinner and lighter and you didn’t need to charge it for weeks or even months.

This is what the organic batteries have to offer. No wonder these are the hottest thing of the field at the moment. NEC is known to be a leading company regarding organic batteries that has been offering batteries of this kind since 2001.

NEC organic Battery 0.3 mm

Their latest invention is a battery that is only 0.3 mm thick that for sure has a place among the eco-friendly batteries of the future. The best thing about these batteries is that they have a higher energy density than the traditional batteries, they have no heavy metals and they are extremely thin.

Being so thin, they are half the thickness of the traditional batteries. The company was able to reduce the size with the help of the technology which allows forming negative electrodes on the circuit boards. At the moment there are only some prototypes, but their abilities are amazing.

These batteries can make 360 flash firings, 35 location transmissions and they ensure 2000 hours of screen time with only one charge. The tests show that the batteries keep 75% of their capacity even after they have been recharged 500 times. The lithium batteries used in cell phones have about the same capacity.

Another huge advantage of the organic batteries is that they need only 30 seconds to recharge, so people wouldn’t have to keep their phones in the charger for hours. Because of its thickness, the battery could be incorporated in items that have a limited thickness, such as credit cards, e-paper or smart cards. Just as you may have thought, they also make it possible for the electronics manufacturers to come up with thinner gadgets.

If everything goes according to plan and the manufacturers start using the new batteries, people will have a lot less weight to carry around. Imagine your laptop being a lot lighter because of the batteries, not to mention the mobile phones, cameras and so on. It looks like mankind has a really bright future because of the batteries.

You can see that there is a lot that such a small item as a battery could do for our everyday activities.

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