The Top 5 Solutions to Deal with Droughts for Farmers

solutions to deal with droughts for farmers

The problem of droughts is not new to farmers and to the world and the current example of the same are the California droughts which are now in their 4th year.  It is a fact that about 11 trillion gallons of water would be needed by California to recover from the situation and this has led to the engineers and scientists all around the world to discover and establish ways to tackle such a widespread issue.  Thankfully, we do have some solutions that can address this if implemented on a wide scale. They are:

solutions to deal with droughts for farmers

1. Desalination

This is the process of pumping out ocean water into a treatment facility where the salt gets extracted by using reverse osmosis so that the water can be made suitable for domestic usage.  This is one of the processes through which the problem of droughts in various parts of the world can be solved to a big extent.

2. Groundwater Drilling

Another solution which can help tackle the problem of droughts is groundwater drilling. Our planet has a huge content of water underground in aquifers as a result of surface water flowing in through sediments, rocks and dirt. This water can be extracted the same way oils extracted from underground sources through a process which is known as groundwater drilling.  This method too can provide drought lands with water that they need.

3. Wastewater Recycling

Another amazing method that can be implemented on a large-scale is wastewater recycling.  Through this method, over a billion gallons of treated wastewater is pumped into the Pacific Ocean every year and can also be utilized for irrigation in drought prone areas.  Even in California, this method can be used to create safe water for not just irrigation but also domestic purposes and uses.

4. Geoengineering Rain

Many dry states of the world utilize the concept of Geoengineering rain so as to deal with droughts for farmers. Cloud seeding, which is a weather modification technology, has also been widely utilized for same purposes. Geoengineering technique includes silver iodide crystals dispersed across the top layers of clouds where they play the role of ice crystals and boost the levels of precipitation to stimulate snow or rainfall. This is another method which can help deal with the drought situation in California and various parts of the world currently.

5. Atmospheric Water Generation

This technique works in those areas of the world which are less conducive to fog.  One of the atmospheric water generation systems relies on harvesting water from dew or humidity. This may be a slow process but is definitely effective and helps in generation of a lot of water when done on a large scale.

Thanks to advancing science and technology, many more drought solutions have emerged and are being implemented all across the world in dry areas. The only drawback with most of them is the high cost of setting up machinery and gathering intelligence for the same.


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