The Best 5 Smart Gadgets To Save Electricity

The Best 5 Smart Gadgets To Save Electricity

The energy costs are skyrocketing. It necessitates the need for saving electricity and at the save time to safeguard the environment with eco friendly options. It also helps to reduce global warming to a great extent. Read on to know about how to save energy with the best gadgets available.

Solar Based LED Lights

The halogen lamps are consuming a lot of energy and at the same time causing a huge damage to the environment. The onus is now on to save the energy bill by utilizing the energy efficient LED lights that work with solar energy. The LED lights save up to 85% of the energy when compared to the halogen lamps. The life of LED lights is more than 8 years. The maintenance of LED lights is very less when compared to other lighting options. You are advised to choose the energy saving LED lights for home, outdoor and industries as well to save electricity bill. It is one of the best Smart Gadgets to save electricity.

The Best 5 Smart Gadgets To Save Electricity

Solar Water Heating Systems for Your Home

A lot of families are spending expensive electricity for heating the water. The homes now can utilize the inexpensive solar water heaters to save energy bill. You can look for DIY kits for hot water needs. You can avail 30% tax credit by switching over to the solar water heating system. The passive systems offer energy savings of up to 80%. It is recommended for seasonal use in warm climates. You can choose active solar water heaters for cold and moderate climates.

A Phone App to Save Energy Bill

The Smartphone apps are vital for reducing the energy usage and save money. It also helps to reduce the green house gases and safeguard the environment. The Ecobee Thermostat App is the best friend for people like you. It works seamlessly on Android and iPhone as well. It allows monitoring the temperature while you are away at work and controls the thermostat to minimize energy use. The Nest Learning Devices allows monitoring and controlling the temperatures from other cities or office and save energy. Therefore, you can consider investing in such smart appliances to reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Solar Ovens to Cook Delicious Snacks and Food

You can install a solar panel on your rooftop and save your electricity bill. It is recommended for warmer climates. It requires one time investment. It doesn’t matter when compared to the energy savings. The solar cooker is available for just US$139. You can also find portable solar cookers for outdoor activities and enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family members during travel. The solar ovens can be used for boiling liquids, heat the drinks and rehydrate the foods as well.

The All in One Home Automation Hub to save Energy

The Internet of Things allows monitoring and controlling the appliances like your AC, Fan, LED lights, TV, and Computer etc. You can invest in home automation hub to save electricity smartly and use those funds for other household chores.


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