Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gadgets

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gadgets

With the growing trend of advanced technology, our ecosystem is the worst affected. The transmitting rays from out smartphone and other gadgets are not only harmful to human beings, but they pose a potential threat to the environment. Reductions in the number of birds are seen due to the satellite towers.

Acres of land are cleared to make a Tech Park. As a result, our forests are getting destroyed, leading to erosion of land and human life as well. Therefore, people should be inclined towards using eco-friendly gadgets to live a healthy lifestyle.

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gadgets


As the name suggests, iBamboo is made by cutting down bamboo in the shape of speakers. IBamboo is portable speakers which require no high-tech gear, or outlet, or batteries for functioning. The bamboo is cut in a way that it has a slot to rest the iPhone on the top. A user needs to place his/her iPhone in the slot, turn up the volume of phone’s speaker and the bamboo speaker will automatically amplify the sound.

This natural portable speaker has reduced the cost of electricity which is produced by burning down coal. The only disadvantage of the speaker it that it only amplifies iPhone’s mono speaker. The portable and eco-friendly speaker, are compatible with 1Phone 4 to 5s and is available in the market for $20 in natural and black color.

ReFleece iPad and E-Reader Cases:

Technology users are concerned with safeguarding their device from bumps, scratches, or spills. They tend to purchase costly touch cases or apply screen guards. To redeem their cost ReFleece is mechanized by using recycled plastic bottles and textiles to make touch cases for protecting kobo, iPad Mini, Kindle, and iPad.

They are available in woolen, classic, and wild side collection.  For wild side collection, the manufacturer has used grey color inside and bright colors outside. It is just the reverse for the classic collection. And woolen one is knitted using thick fabric. They are available in large, medium, and small sizes travel bags to keep work files or makeups as well. The price of cases varies between $32- $ 36, and for travel bags, it is $29 – $ 31.

Goal Zero Nomad 13 Travel Solar Panel:

Solar energy is now being widely used as an alternative to electricity. Built with this mechanism Goal Zero’s Nomad 13 is a solar panel which functions to charge the laptop, phone, and bulbs which are less than 13 watts. The specialty of this solar panel is that it can be trusted as a power back option. It is folded but bigger than an iPad and weighs nearly 2 pounds. The panel consists of an internal battery, and its batteries are even readily available in the market. It comprises of USB plug, cable linking multi-panels and 12-volt output cable. The panel can charge multiple devices at a time and is available at a price of $160.

iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard:

The iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard is crafted out of the bamboo plant and devised as a compact keyboard with function keys on the top, which resembles much like an apple keyboard. It functions on USB rechargeable battery and requires no electricity. The keyboard is compatible with any Bluetooth device and costs around $69.95.

Philips Hue Connected Bulb:

Nowadays people are using LED bulbs to curb down their electricity consumption which is higher in case of normal bulbs. But the specialty of these Philips bulbs lies in their user-controlled intensity and hue controlled by a smartphone.

By connecting the bulbs with Wi-Fi users with the help of an app, can control the hue and dimming of each light according to their desire. Further, users can set different mood light setting and can use the app to upload their images and recreate it in different hues like sunrise, night portrait, etc.

Besides, alarms can also be synced with the bulbs; thus it will automatically switch off when its bedtime. The cost of individual bulbs is $60, and for the starter pack consisting of 3 bulbs and a wireless bridge to connect to a router, the cost is $200.


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