How to Make Lent Greener for the Sake of Us and the Planet?


As some form of penitence, we can give up on various types of luxuries or commit to fasting during Lent. However, let’s see what we can do that does well for the environment and not just for us. While six weeks is not a long period, a collective confession has huge potential considering greenhouse gas emissions.

By working together, we can make improvements opposite to ignoring and going by our lives as if nothing is ought to happen. Lent should fill us with Hope since Easter is coming and should help us instill a mindset throughout the year.

How to Make Lent Greener

Save money by saving our planet

One of the major global warming causes and source of pollutants are electric power plants. We should get accustomed to give up on a few degrees we can make a big change for both our pockets and environment. Do not forget to turn down the heat when leaving the building. Make use of your thermostat.

Dress warmer during winters, snuggle under cozy blankets, and save up hundreds on 2 degrees of difference. If hot weather is your season, don’t use the air conditioning unless necessary.

Save trees by changing the toilet paper type

It’s rather funny but if every home from the United States would buy just once a four-pack recycled toilet paper instead of conventional bath paper, around 1 million trees would be saved. Their prices are roughly the same. Here we must also mention paper towels. Look for recyclable ones but if possible use microfiber towels that can be washed as many times as you want. This way you minimize waste.

Never leave your home without shopping bags

We’re always caught off guard when it comes to shopping bags. Then we opt for either plastic or paper bags right at the cashier or grocery store. They are not so good unless we are reusing and recycling them. A better option is choosing mesh-like plastic or some sort of nylon-based durable bag that you can use many times. Grab a few of those and take them around with you everywhere.

More things you can give up on

As a habit we can try to condition ourselves to stop buying bottled water. Aluminum water bottles are better for both your health and environment. Some plastic materials are suspected of containing toxics and they are made into baby bottles as well.

Maybe if you could, or at least try to read the fine print regarding the fabrics of clothes—then perhaps avoiding to purchase clothing that require dry cleaning wouldn’t be a problem, would it? Dry cleaners contain toxic chemicals that remain on the fabric after cleaning. Hang them in the open air when you really need to use dry cleaning.


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