5 Eco Friendly Showers for the Green Passionate in You


Although it is simply great to have a shower in the morning to feel refreshed, we have to admit that we waste a lot of water with this activity and this is why the specialists are trying to come up with new concepts that offer the same refreshing feeling with the use of less water.

Eco Friendly Showers(photo by www.ecofriend.com)

1. Eco shower

The most interesting thing about this shower is that it is able to heat the water on its own without any electricity. For this, a water-powered turbine is located in the showerhead.

There are pressure blocks in the base to pump the water. The flow of water is also regulated by the weight of the user.

2. Smart shower

This shower is special because besides working as a shower, it also serves as a basin during the day. As a shower, it uses aerated technology and so it uses only 1/6th of the water used by traditional showers.

Also, it can store half of the heating energy. Maybe the best thing is that it has a dual purpose, thus saving space.

3. Solar beach shower

You may know that at one point things could get quite sticky at the beach, and so you really need a shower. This is what this new concept offers you, plus a lot of privacy.

Just as the name suggests, the shower uses the power of the sun and so it becomes a green product. Besides all these, it is also portable. Because it is lightweight, it can be used by campers and hikers too.

4. Eco drop shower

Although you think that a shower must be comfortable, the main point of this shower is to make you uncomfortable as time goes by so that you don’t spend too much time showering.

This is achieved through creating gradually increasing spiky undulations. You may think that this is stupid, but it could seem appealing to the parents whose kids spend too much time under the shower.

5. DA/Spa shower

You can get a shower and hydro massage with the help of this product with only about 20 liters of water. This is achieved by recycling the water with the help of electricity.

Naturally there is also a purification system that maintains and regulates the pressure and temperature of the water. Although the shower does save water, it wastes electricity.


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