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Daily Deals - How Green are They

Daily Deals – How Green are They?

Online super deals by Living Social, Groupon and similar other websites offer great discounts for restaurants, salons, stores and other establishments that deal with day to day essentials. These deals are actually affecting the choices one makes on a daily basis. It is very easy to fall for a $15 discount for a $30 meal, […]

eco responsibility

Eco Responsibility – Tips for A Green Lady

The world talks about saving the planet and the lady in you thinks factories and acid rain. Since you are not wonder woman to take your whip and go save the world, you can help reducing the garbage you produce and the energy you consume. To this you can add a bit of good will […]

Green Light Vehicle

Deliver E – Practical and Green Light Vehicle

With so much being said about the need to go green, here is the effort of a determined Australian inventor that has resulted in an electric bike suited to the needs of mail men or any other delivery men for that matter. The hard work and perseverance of Simon Williams has borne fruit and the […]

Tianjin Eco-City

Tianjin Eco-City – No Longer a Sci-Fi Fantasy

With increasing green consciousness, it is now becoming more relevant to think about green cities rather than about green building. An entire eco friendly green city is no longer a science fiction fantasy. The concept is now becoming a reality with Tianjin Eco city in China. The city has been designed by the Surbana Urban […]

organic milk

Organic Milk – Is the Price Worth It?

A study conducted by the University of Newcastle, Great Britain, and financed by the European Union has analyzed 22 different brands of milk normally found in supermarkets. The study concluded that the organic milk has a lower level of saturated fats which are bad for the human health and a higher level of fatty acids […]

japan nuclear power

Nature Crushes Japan and Sets it on the Road to Nuclear Disaster

The “Land of the Rising Sun” is facing the wrath of nature. It has now been compounded with a dangerous emergency that has never been seen before. Japan is staring in the face of a major radioactive leak. The Fukushima nuclear plant has reported radiation levels that are 15,000 times higher than the accepted levels […]

organic cosmetics

Organic Cosmetics – How Green Is Your Beauty?

There are a lot of definitions floating around the natural products certified as organic and this makes the evaluation and the choice very difficult. ECOCERT in Europe and USDA in America are the authorities responsible for analyzing and certifying the natural organic products. The regulations of these public authorities state that the organic cosmetics must […]


North Pacific Fishing Carefully Monitored for the Ecosystem’s Sake

Drag fishing in the high seas has been an issue of concern for the marine ecologists for quite some time. The technique of dragging heavy fishing nets along the ocean floor to trap fish results in the destruction and harming of the fine marine ecological balance. Drag fishing can result in damage to the sea […]

daniel goleman

Daniel Goleman and the Theory of Ecological Intelligence

Daniel Goleman, born on March 7 1946, has a worldwide reputation created by its book series focused on the unique purpose of proving the existence of several types of human intelligence and the important qualities each of them has. A famous journalist and a clinical psychology and behavioral science researcher, Daniel Goleman is a Harvard […]

energy storage device

US Military Ready to Help Energy Storage

The U.S Department of Defense has teamed up with the Department of Energy for a great green idea, which will develop energy storage. It may sound odd for many but the U.S military is already involved in many environmental initiatives. Nowadays these two Departments have shown a real green signal that they are ready to […]