Tianjin Eco-City – No Longer a Sci-Fi Fantasy


With increasing green consciousness, it is now becoming more relevant to think about green cities rather than about green building.

An entire eco friendly green city is no longer a science fiction fantasy. The concept is now becoming a reality with Tianjin Eco city in China. The city has been designed by the Surbana Urban Planning Group and it is under construction being barely a ten minute ride from the Tianjin Economic Development Area.

Tianjin Eco-City

This futuristic city which will be spread over 30 sq kms is expected to be the home of 350,000 people. It is being built with the latest green technologies and will open the way to more such green cities in China.

One of the highlights would be the different landscapes that the residents will be able to choose from. Among others they can opt for Solarscape (sun powered) or Earthscape (greenery clad).

The eco city will use sustainable technologies including renewable sources like wind, solar power, rainwater recycling, waste water treatment and sea water desalination.

The city residents are expected to use the public transport system to reduce carbon emissions pollution. The city will have a lightning fast light rail system which will make commute a breeze.

The city is proposed to have seven different sectors – an Eco Valley, a Lifescape, A Solarscape, a Windscape, an Urbanscape, an Earthscape and last but not the least, the Eco corridors. Each of these sectors will have distinct features and play their different roles in the Eco city.

Lifescape is proposed to be surrounded with greenery and will have soil topped mounds to counteract the other high rise buildings in the city. Solarscape is being planned as the civic and administrative center for the city.

The city will be multilayered and compact and this will be well demonstrated in the Urbanscape with its stacked programs that will be interconnected with sky bridges.

The Earthscape on the other hand will be the suburbs and will showcase stepped architecture with maximum public green spaces. The hundred year old village of Qingtouzi will be transformed by the Windscape into a relaxation and recreational venue for the citizens of the Eco City.


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