Daniel Goleman and the Theory of Ecological Intelligence


Daniel Goleman, born on March 7 1946, has a worldwide reputation created by its book series focused on the unique purpose of proving the existence of several types of human intelligence and the important qualities each of them has.

A famous journalist and a clinical psychology and behavioral science researcher, Daniel Goleman is a Harvard University celebrity. New York Times was proud to call him amongst its science editors and his work there got him two nominations for the Pulizer Prize. He was invited in many occasions to attend, as a speaker, the science conferences held by Harvard University.

daniel golemanThe Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, Psychology Today, Publisher’s Weekly, People, Times, The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science are only a few of the many publications he was invited to write for over the years.

Currently he is the co-president of the Consortium for Research of Emotional Intelligence at Rutgers University where he is researching methods of developing further the emotional intelligence.

As recognition of his efforts in making popular the behavioral sciences to the general public, he was granted the honorific membership at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

We heard about living smart and we certainly are familiar with living green. In a world where we speak of Emotional Intelligence and Creative Intelligence, the Ecological Intelligence comes to complete the full circle of our need for Intelligence Evolution.

What lies beyond the concept of Ecological Intelligence? The answer is actually quite simple. Eco Intelligence talks about the simple act of knowing the real price we pay for every product we buy and every service we enjoy as well as their impact over the world we live in.

The concept evolved around the theory which proposed that inside the shops where we buy our everyday products, these products would have attached next to the price the details regarding the methods and the environment where they were produced. This would allow the clients to be aware that the products they buy were not made using child exploitation of environment polluting methods.

This is the cornerstone of the Ecological Intelligence theory created by Daniel Goleman.

The author proposes a system in which the regular buyer is accurately informed about the products they want to purchase. Through the application of a total transparency, one of the key concepts of the Ecological Intelligence theory, we will be able to get on the right path towards changing our behavior as a society.

The Ecological Intelligence proposes a significant change in our way of thinking and acting and has as purpose making us more environmentally responsible.


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