Eco Responsibility – Tips for A Green Lady


The world talks about saving the planet and the lady in you thinks factories and acid rain. Since you are not wonder woman to take your whip and go save the world, you can help reducing the garbage you produce and the energy you consume. To this you can add a bit of good will and positive attitude.

eco responsibilityIt is only feminine to like paper towels and paper tissues. They look more hygienic, a lot handier and in the end they were created for our commodity. Try and stop using them and you will save 5% of the kitchen garbage you produce.

Be a lady and use old school micro fiber kitchen towels. They are cute and fluffy and you can find them in any color ready to match your kitchen design.

You can use them for cleaning the place, for washing the dishes and even for dusting. And when you are done you can simply throw them in the washing machine.

We like being beautiful and getting facials. How organic those facials are is an entirely different story.

If you are looking for a high quality exfoliation to refresh your skin look, make sure you don’t throw away the coffee grounds. Add the grounds to your face wash gel and use it.

You will get a milder exfoliation than you would get at a saloon but statistics say that this type of treatment repeated for a month has the same effect as a chemical peel with the exception that it will not slaughter your face.

The spring cleaning is something all ladies are bound to do. If in the process you decide to paint the rooms of the house so that they follow a certain trend, make sure you buy the exact amount of paint you need. The shop assistants can assist you in choosing the less invasive products and they can also calculate the amount you need using the measurements you give them. This way you will save money and you won’t have tons of toxic paint to throw away because you bought too much.

Be a lady and smile to people on the street. The studies show that every act of kindness decreases our carbon footprint. If you have around the house things that you don’t use anymore, just donate them. Share a part of your meal when you cook too much food and once a week make a habit of doing something for the community.

If you think that the green behavior is strictly related to energy, recycling and consumption, you are wrong. Being green has a lot to do with people and their attitude towards each other.


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