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earth hour 2011

Is Facebook Ready to Step down for Earth Hour 2011?

The annual initiative called The Earth Hour 2011 will be celebrated from 20.30 to 21.30 p.m on 26 March this year. In order to join the green initiative, four largest cities in the world, as well as iconic buildings will switch off their lights for one hour to demonstrate the need for action against climate […]

carbon emissions

Why Blame Recession for Ecological Issues?

The world leaders should not use recession as an excuse for delaying the measures concerning climate change. The decisive factors of the world cannot use recession as an excuse for delaying to make a stand on the climate changes influencing economy. In a recent analysis the brilliant minds of the world’s economy predicted a 9% […]

hydrolon nonstick coating

Kitchen Gadgets Under the Green Magnifying Glass

Turning your kitchen into a green paradise isn’t only a matter of design; selecting the right kitchen gadgets and sets is as important. The topic for cooking green isn’t a new one, but yet cooking green is all about saving energy, cooking with the right foods and not on the last place, cooking with the […]

spring cleaning windows

Spring Cleaning the Green Way

The spring is knocking on the door, therefore start thinking about green and ecological cleaning. For many people who are leading a green lifestyle, cleaning without using toxins and chemicals is an adequate option. Here are few tricks that may help you to clean your home in a green way. These few simple tips can […]