Organic Cosmetics – How Green Is Your Beauty?


There are a lot of definitions floating around the natural products certified as organic and this makes the evaluation and the choice very difficult. ECOCERT in Europe and USDA in America are the authorities responsible for analyzing and certifying the natural organic products.

organic cosmetics

The regulations of these public authorities state that the organic cosmetics must have a high content in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. The organic cosmetics must not contain synthesized chemical products which have been proven toxic for the human body after a steady use.

Because the skin is the largest organ of the human body, the products coming in contact with it must have at least 50% vegetable ingredients of which at least 5% organic, in order to be certified.

The regulation is based on the fact that the chemical elements present in the cosmetics get inside our body through skin follicles and increase the toxic levels of our blood. Methyl, butyl, parabens and other preservatives from the regular cosmetic products are behind a lot of health problems from skin irritation to severe hormonal changes, metabolic and neurological dysfunctions, fertility issues and even some types of cancer.

The regulations insisted upon this because a large majority of ingredients from beauty supplies are also the ingredients of high pollutants like detergents, paint or raw materials for industrial use.

The natural organic cosmetics have only recently moved from a niche market to the market of high consume. The green current and the campaigns conducted for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy beauty has got the girls thinking that researching first and buying later is the right way to go.

Due to the ecological rules of the above cited authorities, the strict monitoring allowed the female consumers to avoid the traps set by producers labeling as organic, regular products.

Here is what you should know about organic cosmetics:

They have scent and color but the scent and color are given by essential oils extracted from plants or fruit and 100% natural pigments. As preservatives, these products use plant extracts which, unfortunately, are a lot less strong than the chemical components. As a result, these cosmetic products have a shorter life span from the moment the container is opened.

Another thing that you will notice for sure is the price. Everything bio in the cosmetic world is considerably more expensive than the traditional cosmetics. But when you Google skin issues you will see for sure that at least 50% of them are caused by allergies or irritations which result from the use of cosmetic products. Isn’t the price worth it after all?


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