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eco sensible office behavior

What Is Eco Sensible Office Behavior?

The current economic crisis has set up extremely high cost reduction standards in the corporate world. The giant offices filled with people consuming office supplies at an increasing rate became the place where resources could be saved. No matter how drastic the measure seemed, it was quite eco sensible too. The office politics built the […]

future mom

Future Moms – Going Green and Organic is Good for Your Baby

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs and the pressure that we put on ourselves to excel at this job is tremendous. As a parent it is our duty and desire to give the child best of everything that we can. As parents we want a safe and nurturing place where our children […]

frozen food

The Cheap Green Food – What’s the Hidden Cost?

In case you are a fan of the green lifestyle, you probably want cheap green foods of better quality. So far, this is an illusion, for there is no cheap food that is healthy enough to be labeled as green. The cheap foods are more often the premade ready meals. This is the fastest option […]

low starch vegetables

Your Daily Snacks – How Healthy Are They?

You probably can’t imagine a day without snacks. But have you ever wondered – how healthy or unhealthy are the snacks we are consuming? Usually the most advertised snacks are not as healthier as we think. Before having your daily snack, always check out the label. If you don’t have enough information about certain snacks […]

eco smart shopper

Be an Eco Smart Shopper

Being smart while shopping is what we all crave to be. The compulsive need of shopping more than we can afford is many times quite damaging for our pocket and for the environment. So if we feel the need to fit in the consumerist society, shopping smartly and eco sensibly can make sure that we […]

green tips

Green Tips for a Healthier Pocket

In case you are leading a green lifestyle or you are simply trying to save some money, here are few green tips that can help you in this matter. Saving money is also about creativity, so don’t turn your back on modern ideas like swap-clothes online. It is a trend that saves you money for […]

living green

Be Physically and Emotionally Green

The green aspects of physical life are easier to incorporate in one’s life as all it needs are a simple lifestyle changes that go a long way. We try to eat the right food, be responsible about our actions, we do our best to help and protect our loved ones. Sometimes, especially if our job […]

eco eyeglasses

Fashion Industry Goes Green

The New Year will bring new luck, especially for the green companies that are trying to present us with organic and eco-friendly clothes and accessories. It is not news that the green fashion producers are now very popular and modern, but the New Year will surely bring more innovations and improvements in this matter. Most […]

eco makeup

The Beautiful Eco You and Your Makeup

The trends call for a sexy makeup and a sassy hairstyle but how these get along with the eco trend is only up to you. Being an eco chic and staying eco pretty is really up to the eco lifestyle you choose. So if you plan to consider the environment while striving to be beautiful […]

tea plantations

The Healthy Green Tea and the Environment

Tea is the most popular beverage across the globe and most of its drinkers can’t think of starting their day without a cup of tea. Also many health conscious people are turning to drinking green tea to keep them healthy and energetic. How many of you have stopped for a couple of minutes to think […]