Fashion Industry Goes Green


The New Year will bring new luck, especially for the green companies that are trying to present us with organic and eco-friendly clothes and accessories.

It is not news that the green fashion producers are now very popular and modern, but the New Year will surely bring more innovations and improvements in this matter. Most of the companies producing eco-friendly fashion are calling for a year filled with organic clothing, eco-friendly fabrics and of course using more green and natural substances for creating green fashion lines.

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Many experts are trying to convince the fashion world that the green trend is actually one of the oldest fashion trends in the world.

According to Sass Brown, professor in the Fashion Institute of Technology, the green producers should take an example of the world heritage.

The professor is marking the Peruvian knitting, the Indonesian ikat, the Venetian lace and the Indian hand-weaving as very old green practices, which should be used more in the eco clothing industry.

Sass Brown is predicting that this year will be a very good year for the green fashion, because finally the people will get eco-friendly clothes at affordable prices. So far, the green clothes were among the most expensive items on the market, but this year things will change for good.

Other eco-experts are praising the DIY movements, which emphasize the reworking and mending of old clothes, as well as recycling. The New Year will bring the polyester back to the fashion scene. The polyester has a bad reputation, but currently many green producers are using polyester fiber, which is extremely wearable, require little washing and has a long life-span.

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What makes this substance really good is the fact that the polyester fiber is very easy to recycle. This is going to be the fabric of the year, not to mention the fact that designers like Issey Miayke are using the polyester fiber for creating new eco-friendly collections.

The fashion world is going to embrace the eco-tech qualities. The optical companies are showing signs of green thinking as they already make changes in their manufacturing process.

For instance, there are already optical companies that are changing their practices to environmentally responsible ones. They donate a portion of their earnings to green organizations and are trying to use eco-friendly materials in creating eyewear.

There are already sunglasses with eco frames made out of bamboo and other green materials.


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